Who invented the DVD?                             

The DVD was not invented by one company.  Several companies had input to create the DVD. They didn't want the DVD to split in two like the VHS and Beta format of the VCR. 
When did they invent the DVD? 
They invented it in September 1995.

Where did they invent the DVD?

They invented it in the USA.                                     

Why did they invented the DVD?                           
They hoped to invent something with better quality than the VHS videotape. They wanted better sound,  graphics, and they wanted something easier to use and store.                       

The DVD was also invented for entertainment. The DVD was only one of Sony's  electronics products.  Sony developed the DVD.                                         

What is a DVD?                                                             

The DVD is like a CD but it not only plays music, it also plays movies. It's able to skip from scene to scene in a split second with out rewinding. The DVD completely out performs the videotape.  A Single sided DVD holds 133 minutes (that is 95% of movies).


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