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Who invented the bicycle?
The first bicycle was invented by Comte de Several .

What was it used for ?
The very first bicycles were made more like a scooter. They didn't have any steering or pedals . A German inventor, Baron Karl von Draise de Sauerbrun, added the steering in 1816 and later a Scottish blacksmith added the pedals in 1839 .
When was the bicycle invented ?
The first bicycle was invented about 1791 .The first bicycles were mainly used for fun .
Where was it created or discovered ?
Comte de Siva invented the bicycle in France .
Why was it invented ?
People could get around faster and not have to use horses .
How was it invented or discovered ?
It was like a scooter with wooden wheels and you pushed it with your feet . You also stopped it with your feet .
Name of invention or discovery ?
The first bicycle was named Clarifier.

I think it was the greatest invention ever .I think this because they wouldn't have to build more wagons .  It could get you from place to place quicker . It lead to the transportation era .

Bikes were beginning to be popular .  They were called Velocipedes . They were also called hobby horses and were used mainly for amusement .

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