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Who invented  the stethoscope?
The inventor of the stethoscope was a French physician named Rene Homophile Hyacinth Leanne.

What was it used for?
The stethoscope was used for hearing the heart, lungs, intestines, veins, and arteries.     

When was it invented?   
The stethoscope was invented in 1816.

Where was it created?
The stethoscope was created in France.

Why was it invented?
The stethoscope was invented so the doctors could hear there patient's body.

How did doctors hear the patients heart before the stethoscope was invented?
They placed their ear on the patients body to hear the sounds made by the organs.

The stethoscope is the greatest invention of all times because when you go to the doctor they can check the sounds made by your organs.

Did you know that Leanne  simply called his invention Le Cylinder, as he thought naming an instrument was unnecessary. Other doctors started calling it other names, so he decided to call it a Stethoscope.

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