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Who invented  it? Bubblegum was invented  by a man named Walter E. DIEMER.

What was it used for?  Bubblegum is used for blowing bubbles and chewing  gum.

When was it first invented or used?  It was first invented in Philadelphia, PA in 1928.

How was Bubblegum invented? Well, it was invented because in Philadelphia at Fleer Chewing Gum Company, Walter E. DIEMER was playing around with new gum recipes and created a formula that was less sticky and stretched more.

Why was his invention a success?  It's fun to chew and blow bubbles.  He took a five lb. glop of the stuff to a grocery store. It sold out that day.

Trivia! Walter E. DIEMER received  no money for his invention of bubblegum.

The Fleer Company marketed DIEMER'S  creation of bubblegum.  He taught  salesmen how to blow bubbles to show how it was different from other gums.

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